Customized Web design & App Development

Lekhya Sree Solutions is a customized web design and development company. We offer simple and affordable services for our clients from various businesses, corporate and non commercial sectors. Our infrastructure includes advanced systems, latest software, reliable network and a skilled team. The technical team is led by experienced project managers with industry exposure. Progressing from small and medium scale companies, we have established our reputation in government sponsored projects. Some of the well known projects by us include

ABC- AP. It is meant to support the online app for Animal Birth Control program sponsored by the government of Andhra Pradesh. It captures real time data from live animal capturing, sterilization & vaccination and relocation program. With support of centralized database and a simple to use interface, it is the most recommended mobile and smart phone app today.

Transport Exchange. This is a real time website wherein commercial and logistics trucks can be booked, bought, sold and various services obtained. This site provides dynamic details about load and lorry availability from thousands of commercial, industrial and agricultural shipment centers all over India. It is proving to be an ideal online tool to reduce empty return trucks and avoid pollution.


Our mission is to provide long term web based solutions to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME). We enable these companies to develop self sufficiency and support them in establishing business networks. The solutions we provide are aimed at achieving vertical growth and horizontal expansion of their market potential with minimal investments.


Website design conceptualization

Trending analysis

Customized design (static, dynamic and responsive)

Website development, deployment and troubleshooting

SEO & SMO support

e-commerce portals development

Android and smart phone app development


The technology we use could be customized depending on client requirement and affordability. Proprietary software needs to be licensed from the clients for per seat requirements, while we provide options for open source software platforms and tools.

PHP & MySQL at Lekhya Sree is one of the most preferred combinations of coding and backend systems we recommend for our SME clients. We can create and install real time e-commerce portals, informational sites, product galleries, CMS, CRM, ERP and other interactive sites.

Drupal at Lekhya Sree is a feature rich tool we use for molding highly scalable and mobile adoptable web content management. Our team has the expertise to design highly specific business oriented sites of any type. We combine the features of Java, PHP, MySQL, Windows and Linux to deliver high performance websites.

Joomla at Lekhya Sree is another high end CMS application mastered by our team to design and develop multi lingual content management systems for regional language requirements. Using this feature your website will be able to reach many developing townships and rural sectors still untouched by English speaking sites. This is a golden opportunity for you to expand your online business and increase your profitability.

Android at Lekhya Sree is being evolved by our expert team to cover support for HTML5, mobile and tablet apps, word press, social apps, business apps etc.

Magento at Lekhya Sree is our specialty area for designing and developing customized e-commerce sites and portals. With our advanced technical services your portals get speed, reliability, portability, configurability, and extendable features across mobile and smart phone platforms.